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UNIMAS new brand

UNIMAS new brand project was so exiting!!!

A new TV channel oriented to Spanish speakers in the USA, a great new idea from UNIVISION.

We were asked to combine two worlds in one. Creative Sound Lab is a multicultural company, so when our clients asked us about making the music for this new brand, we not only understood what they were asking for but we give them that Más, Más, Más they were looking for UNIMAS! We are a bilingual company that have worked for many years in Spain, so we knew this project was one we would enjoy!

This project required a lot of recording sessions, overall percussion.
We recorded several different drums from Andean bass drums (bombos) to African Djembes. We were asked to give a very strong and bold spirit to this project. We achieved this by creating a strong percussive intro that develops into a latin modern groove where all instruments fuse together making an epic crescendo.

We can say that all our musicians were delighted playing for this project.

Ya lo sabes…Más, pégate más a UNIMAS!!!!!

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Watch the videos

Unimás Promo
:30 Brand version

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Unimás Promo
:30 Cut 1 version

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